And so I grew from colt to stallion, as wild and as reckless as thunder over the land.

Racing with the eagle, soaring with the wind. Flying?

There were times I believed I could. (from the movie Spirit)

She was born in Holland but she has an all-German pedigree.

She was the first brood mare at the Allevamento J; she produced the “first foal” and her initial features in the "J" of the stud farm!

The maternal line of O JULANA – IMOO is very important, Stamm Lady Reveil – line 27, family 23.

“Glothilde van Wittenstein” (1942) was brought from Germany - Land Nordrhein- Westfalen - by Helmert Fiuse of Hattern, when he returned to northern Veluwe after working six years at “Wittenstein”. “Glothilde”, known as the “little black one”, was the daughter of Lady Reveil and of Ot van Wittenstein; her two full sisters were victims of the war. In foal by Olaf van Wittenstein, she produced “Undine Utopia”. Unfortunately Glothilde did not have any more foals, but that was enough
for a descent of excellent quality.
At Tiel, “Glothilde” received a B prize in 1945 for her performance
and a second prize thanks to her excellent family tree; she was also awarded the title “preferentschap”.
This German line laid the foundation for the breeding of sports horses in the North of Holland. “Undine Utopia” received the 1st prize at Bennekom in 1958 and was declared “Ster”. In 1969 she obtained the title “preferent”; after having produced 15 foals, she died at the age of 21.

The dam of O JULANA – IMOO is JULANA-IMOO Kwpn, with the
Keur - Ster award. She is a donor of fecundated ovules for “Embryo Transfer” at the Equine Embryos Centre Inc., Ontario, Canada
In Holland she left a son, a stallion “Palermo M” KWPN 97.00234
by (Animo - Nimmerdor - Nurzeus - Abdgar xx).

Her granddam DARK - IMOO is the dam of the stallion
“Montgomery 954” (formerly Piacenza) by (Glennridge-Nurzeus-Abdar xx) 4-year-old free jumping champion, now active in Sweden and ridden by Peter Eriksson.

The father of her granddam, the thoroughbred ABGAR XX, born in
France and exported to Holland, is one of the most influential studs for competition horses in the KWPN.
His progeny includes V.I.P., CSIO winner in the USA, MEDRANO,
a Grand Prix winner in the USA; VALENTINO, winner of the
Puissance at “Piazza di Siena” in 1989, BABY FACE and
TAKE IT EASY, eventing winners, CHOPIN and RIFF RAFF,
winners in dressage, and then OMMEN, TREFFER, JABGAR and

The sire of O JULANA – IMOO is COME ON, approved stallion
and great international winner; with his rider Ralf Schneider
he has won a total of D.M. 150,249. He was later bought by
Princess Rania of Jordan and is now in Italy.

COME ON was approved at Medingen in 1998, coming absolute
2nd out of 70 stallions and showing notable values at reproductive level; his genetic indices for show-jumping 149 (0.75) and for dressage 118 (0.58) put him in 1st place in the general ranking of his Group I.
He has sired three stallions that are excellent jumpers:
CLEVERBOY, COME WELL (active in Baden Wurttemberg),
CLASSICO W. He has also sired 30 brood mares registered in
the Holstein Stud Books, one a State’s Premium brood mare.

Her paternal grandsire CANTUS is very important, with
show-jumping index 163 (0.90), D.M.432.159; he died
prematurely in 1994, but left an indelible trace in the sport
and in Holsteiner breeding.

Her sire’s dam, SUENNE Holstein, belongs to the famous
Stamm 8769 (Buehne), a family of international show-jumpers.
Suenne is the daughter of the exceptional Landgraf I, top of
the list of stallions of all time for the sums won by his progeny
with over D.M. 6,000,000.

O JULANA – IMOO has always been a mother, her production
is all Italian. She is in foal by CANTURO for spring 2008:

IRONIC by INDOCTRO male – Italian Saddle-horse born 2001

CORJULANA by CORLAND female - Italian Saddle-horse born 2002, owned by Allevamento J.

CAMPEADOR J by CAMPIONE male – Italian Saddle-horse born 2003 SOLD

QUIBUS I J by QUIDAM DE REVEL male – Italian Saddle-horse born 2005 owned by Allevamento J.

QUIBUS II J by QUIDAM DE REVEL male – Italian Saddle-horse born 2007 owned by Allevamento J.


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