“Equestrian art begins with perfecting the simple things.”

 Nuno Oliveira

Born 01-01-96

Stamm 1463

LUCIA III, owned by Allevamento J, is one of the last daughters of the “great” progenitor “LANDGRAF I”.

Her sire “LANDGRAF I”, Stamm 275, born in 1966, approved stallion in 1969 at Elmshorn, with Show-jumping index 108 (0.97) and Dressage index 106 (0.85), died at the age of thirty and was one of the greatest stallions of all times.
Just think that in competitions his progeny won more than 7 million Marks.
With LORD he represents the “L” line from the thoroughbred LADYKILLER XX.

His progeny includes LIBERO H, a stallion which won the World Cup in 1994 with Jos Lansink, LA ZARRAS and TAGGY.
At stud “LANDGRAF I” generated more than 130 approved stallions.
Among his sons, 42 stallions approved by the Holstein Breeding Association, among his daughters, 68 State’s Premium brood mares, and countless winners in International Horse-Riding Competitions; he is undeniably a progenitor of the Holstein breed.

The dam of “LANDGRAF I”, the excellent mare Warthburg, also produced excellent jumpers such as LANDGRAFIN (H. Simon) and LEON (formerly Landgraf II, M. Schusselburg).

Her paternal grandsire, the thoroughbred LADYKILLER XX, is the most successful sire of show-jumpers of this breed since the last world war; out of 38 sons approved in Germany, 10 have in turn produced sons winning a total of at least 100,000 D.M.

Another thoroughbred was the grandsire of LUCIA III, “MARLON XX” (1965-1981), son of Tamerlane XX and Fairford XX, imported from Ireland in 1965.
“MARLON XX” is one of the most famous “authors” of the Holstein stud farm.
He produced 33 excellent stallions and many daughters were State’s Premium mares.
“MARLON XX” was active from 1965 to 1981 and produced a great many exceptional competition horses such as: MADRIGAL (Marlon XX – Galapeter – Makler I), individual bronze for eventing with Karl Schultz at the Montreal Olympics in 1976, MONTEVIDEO (Marlon XX – Roman - Foehnrich) 1974-1977, international dressage winner at the Los Angeles Olympics
in 1984.
MARMOR, grandson of “MARLON XX” and son of MARENGO (Marlon XX – Ramzes AA – Monarch), won 23 times at Grand Prix and Special Grand Prix; and then MAGNAT I and II, MARTELL I and IV, MENTOR, MARIUS, MARQUIS (Marlon XX – Kadett - Monarch), MALVA, MEPHISTO, MING KING and MOWGLI.
“MARLON XX” is third on the index of German reproducers of dressage horses and sixth in the general ratings.

From this same maternal line, Stamm 1463, descend the stallions Goodwill, Baldini I and II, l’Eperon (European team gold in show-jumping), Lanciano and the international winners Ladylike and Lucilla II:

Considering her genetics, LUCIA III has always been kept for reproduction;
in Italy she has produced:

INDOGRAF 2002 male Italian Saddle-horse by INDOCTRO

U-QUITE CAPITOLA I 2004 female Holsteiner by Quite Capitol
Owned by the Allevamento J

V-QUITE CAPITOLA II 2005 female Holsteiner by Quite Capitol
Owned by the Allevamento J

In spring 2008 two foals will be born out of LUCIA III by CASSINI II (one with the embryo transfer technique).


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