“Through his mane and tail the high wind sings,

fanning the hairs,

who wave like feathered wings."

(William Shakespeare)

Stamm  3558

born in 1989
cm. 1,66

DESY is a very “purebred” brood mare thanks to her sire
Grundyman XX,  and belongs to Stamm. 3558.
The progenitor of this stock is a brood mare born in 1914 of Wagenhals which through Falb, Ethelbert 1197 and Hannibal 944 brought a classic combination of Holsteiner blood, all with jumping ability.

The current progenitor is considered to be the brood mare Kerbe H  by Heiredin, born in 1951, taking us up to the strain of Edusa, born in 1969.

This very important Holsteiner sports strain has produced International Show Jumping horses such as Chanel M (Thiess Luther), Gran Corrado (Yves Houtaqckers),  Latinus (Robin Sweely), Cantate Z (Rodrigo Pessoa) and  Non Plus Ultra  (Katharina Offel).

DESY’s dam, named “Texas”, has an excellent reputation in Holstein and is the daughter of Carneval.

“Texas" was always a mother, she is said to have had a particular character and personality; she was bad-tempered with the other mares and when she was tired of being outside she would not stay in the paddock, she always came back to the stable!

A full brother of “Texas” competed in Germany at “S” level, which is the highest show jumping category.

By Lacapo, “Texas” produced the stallion Flemmingh, sold in Holland and very famous for his production with spectacular movements and for the sweet temperament and beauty of his progeny.

He was never approved in Germany.

But this special stallion gave a lot to the Netherlands.

One of his colts, the most famous in Holland, is called Krac C.

However, the most important quality of Texas’s progeny was speed and technique in jumping.

If one of the progeny did not become a stallion during selection, he would certainly distinguish himself in sport in the show-jumping arena!

Texas’s two colts approved in Germany, full brothers of DESY, are Gaspari I (1988 Holsteiner Verband) with 9887776 points and Gaspari II (1991 Neustadt-Dosse District) always by Grundyman XX, a purebred that came from Great Britain and was active in the Holsteiner stud farm from 1987.

DESY was born in 1989 and obtained 7676677 points.

DESY is in turn dam of the Holstein stallion “Candillo” with 8787777 points.

Candillo”, born in 1993 by Cassini I, won the Medigen 100-day test and immediately showed that he was a  champion.
In 1997 he was placed at the Bundeschampionat, arousing the admiration of many spectators.
Candillo” is a stallion considered spectacular in jumping, and very impulsive, rapid and astute!

After taking numerous placings in the categories for young horses, he was sold at Baden/Wurttemburg.
With Thomas Konle in the saddle he aroused interest in the riding world.
A long line of his descendants conceived during his first three years of reproduction perform today at national level and others are ridden to success in international competitions.
In 2006 “Candillo” was bought by the Stud Book of Zangersheide where he is now stationed.

“Texas” died at the age of nineteen in 2000 after 14 foals: 4 stallions and other mares which in turn produced stallions.

Today DESY is owned by the J. Stud Farm and is in foal to CASSINI II for spring 2008.


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